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Ankh Institute - Reconnecting, Restoring and Maintaining the African Foundation with the African Historic and Global Identity

Ankh Institute curriculum includes courses in African History, Kemetic Studies (history, spirituality, philosophy, and language), Nubian Studies, Racism, Cultural Therapy, African-American & African Global Politics and History.

Ankh Institute offers classes, lectures, workshops, retreats, forums, and seminars on location, and on-line.

Advance your knowledge by studying the sources direct from your Ancestors and Leaders. Connect to and restore your historic and cultural identity by matriculating at Ankh Institute Register Now!

Kemetic Studies Curriculum Cultural Therapy Curriculum XRacism Curriculum Black Politics-Culture Curriculum

Ankh Institute provides classes for the healthy African-centered mind

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Kemetic and Nubian Studies Curriculum

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XRacism Curriculum

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Cultural Therapy Curriculum

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Black Power and Culture Curriculum

Politics & Political History



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