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KemetWay Course Curriculum

KWLC - Introduction 1

Introduction to the 'Kemetic Way of Life'

The Kemetic Way of Life Course (KWLC) - the introduction course - consists of five classes aimed at introducing you to the essential knowledge (history, philosophy and practices) of our Kemetic Ancestors.

In this course/class you will learn the origins and development of the Kemetic 'Way of Life'; that it is a system - including how it developed and works. Also you will learn general history of African civilizations, religion and spirituality, philosophy and practices.

The Classes
Class 1 - Introduction to the Kemetic Way of Life - Its origins and development
Class 2 - Introduction to Kemetic Spirituality and Religion - Its Origins and Development
Class 3 - Ausar Abroad - The Spread of Kemetic Civilization Around the World
Class 4 - KemetWay Civilization and Society - An Introduction to the Contemporary Kemetic Way of Life
Class 5 - KemetWay Spirituality - An Introduction to the Contemporary Practice of Kemetic Spirituality and Religion

Note: Each class is 2-weeks in length, at 2-hours per class

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KWLC - Introduction 2

Kemetic Cosmos, Cosmology, and the Ntru

Knowing how the Kemetic Universe was composed is important to understanding the mind, philosophy and practices of our Kemetic Ancestors.

In this course you will learn of the cosmology, cosmongony, and types of Ntru that gave structure to the Kemetic World.

Class 1 - Kemetic Cosmogony
Class 2 - Kemetic Cosmology
Class 3 - Kemetic Ntru

KWLC - Intermediate 1

Kemetic Philosophy and Practice

The Kemetic Way of Life Course (KWLC) - the intermediate course - builds on the 'introduction' course. In the 'Intermediate Course 1' you will learn the four systems that make up the Kemetic Way of Life

Kemetic Civilization was the product of structure and systems.

Class 1 - Kemetic Abundance and Prosperity
Class 2- The Just (Sacred) Society
Class 3 - Living Life On Purpose
Class 4 - Communicating, Interacting and Living Life Powerfully

KWLC - Intermediate 2

Kemetic History

Class 1 - Kemet - The Predynamic Era
Class 2 - Kemet - The Dynamic Era
Class 4 - Kemet - End of the Dynamic Era

KWLC - Intermediate 3

Kemetic Literature

This course examines the literature fundamental to understanding Kemetic thought and philosophy.

Class 1 - The Pyramid Texts
Class 2 - The Coffin Texts
Class 3 - Per Em Hru (Book of Coming Forth)
Class 4 - The Shipwrecked Sailor, The Tale of Two Brothers, and other literature

KWLC - Advanced 1

Kemetic Culture, Consciousness, and Community

Kemetic Culture was/is a milieu (a container) that developed, sustained, and maintained a particular 'way of life' - the Life-Centered Life. This course unravels the cultural construct that we might understand the resulting (collective) consciousness, and actions on the part of the citizenry.

Class 1 - Kemetic Culture
Class 2 - Kemetic Consciousness
Class 3 - Kemetic Community (Society)

KWLC - Advanced 2

Kemetic Institutions, Practices and Activism (Leadership)

Institutions were a testament to the intellectual achievements, technology, conscience, systems, and structure of the Kemetic society; in this course we existence and natures of the various institutions - including their meaning and function, and affect on practices. We also examine the nature of the institutions on the leadership.

Class 1 - Kemet Temples
Class 2 - Kemetic Learining Instutions
Class 3 - Kemetic Political Instutions
Class 4 - Kemetic Instutions, Knowledge, Rituals, Leadership, and Beliefs

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