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The XRacism Curriculum Outlined

The following four classes constitute the Introduction To and Defining Racism Course

The Origins and Development of White Racism

This presentation locates the origins of White racism in the ancient clash of races that manifest in the historical era of the Mesopotamian Civilizations, particularly with the destruction of ancient Sumer by the invading barbaric Aryans. This presentation traces the development of White racism from as early as 2,300 BCE to 2,000 AD - the present. This presentation also dispels the notion that racism has a more recent origin.

White Racism and Global Genocide

This presentation surveys the Aryans predatory invasions around the world to pillage and rob the wealth of great civilizations. What many people fail to realize is the scope of the genocide perpetrated by these barbaric hordes. This presentation illustrates White peoples' psychopathic, predatory and parasitic way of being with other people and life in general.

Class Schedules

XRacism Course: XRacism Course - August 2017

Are All White People Racist?

Going into greater depth in defining racism this presentation discerns the four categories of White people in relationship to racism - 'overt racist', 'psycho-cultural racist', 'non-racist white-racist' and 'White anti-racist' - to illustrate that the vast majority of White people have no focus towards, nor intentions of, ending racism and the wars for White-supremacy; instead it is pointed out that White people benefit, profit from, and enjoy racism. Additionally this presentation indicates the areas to which racism must be attacked if it is to be conquered.

Conquering Racism

Continuing to provide critical insight to the impact of racism on Black people, particularly African Americans, this presentation indicates the five categories of Black people in relationship to racism and the wars for White supremacy. A conclusion to be drawn from this presentation is how unprepared Black people are towards ending racism. Nevertheless this presentation provides the first critical understanding of how White racism can be conquered and what Black people must and can do to achieve said end.

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