Ankh Institute

Ankh Institute is the education institution arm of TaNefer Ankh Community|Organization.
Ankh Institute offers a curriculum - including classes, workshops, lectures, and forums - for TaNefer Ankh Community Members, Community Leaders, and the General Public at large.

Ankh Institute curriculum includes courses in African History, Kemetic Studies (history, spirituality, philosophy, language), Nubian Studies, Racism, Cultural Therapy, African-American & African Global Politics and History.

Kemetic Studies Curriculum

About the Kemetic Studies Curriculum: Click Here

Kemetic Studies Courses
Kemetic 'Way of Life Course': Click Here

XRacism Curriculum

About the XRacism Courses / Classes: Click Here

XRacism Course / Class Schedule
XRacism Course 1: Click Here



Cultural Therapy Curriculum

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Black Power and Culture Curriculum

Politics & Political History



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