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Kemetic and Nubian Studies Curriculum

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Euro-Asian Barbarism Curriculum

Cultural Therapy Curriculum

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XRacism Curriculum

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Black Power and Culture Curriculum

Politics & Political History


Dec, 2020 - Heb Ntru Lecture-Libation

March, 2021 - Heb Peret (Date: TBA)

June, 2021 - Heb (Date: TBA)

August, 2021 - Heb Ankhu (Date: TBA)


Feb, 2021 - The White Racism Lecture Series

Jan - Dec, 2021 - Ankh Institute - Study Lecture Group


Jan-Feb 2021 - Kemetic Way of Life Course


The XRacism Workshop: TBA


African Civilizations and Socieites Conference: TBA



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